Distribution and Circulation
SUBSCRIPTION* *Complimentary for Life
Print Run 100,000
Subscribers 10,155
Notable utilizes a unique form of distribution that enables over 500,000 decision-makers, business and leisure travelers, that range from financially comfortable, to the ultra-affluent or simply, the ultra-privileged. Notable readers have the disposable income to purchase the products of your advertisers. There are 5.1 readers per issue.
Notable has interactive features that bring the readers to your ad several times.
Quarterly 100,000 copies of Notable are available for free in selected geographical areas and locations domestic and abroad. It is only available for sale in selected gift shops of luxury hotels across the country.
*Individuals are invited to receive a subscription to Notable. It is available by invitation only. Subscriptions are also awarded if an individual has a referral from a subscriber or advertiser.
The Notable advertiser receives maximum visibility. Each ad also appears on the magazine website for the life of the magazine at no additional cost.

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