Notable Magazine is committed to editorial excellence. In Notable you will find articles that cover noteworthy significant people and events that shape our culture, our daily lives and our environment.

In Notable you will not find articles or features on celebrities, entertainers of the moment, sports figures, runway models, movie stars or elected officials.

In Notable our Departments provide our readers information that accents their lifestyle and improves their quality of life.

Simply, Notable covers people and events that are relevant and have left and imprint on humanity.


99TH Percentile
Featuring noteworthy people in the top 1% of their field.

Luxe Indispensables
Goods and Accessories that represent are unique and made of the very best materials.

Luxurious hotels, resorts, B&Bs and spas, domestic and abroad.

Gourmet foods, wines, restaurants and information.

Generations Y and Z
Everything you need to know to about this new generation.

People devoted to promoting the welfare humanity


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