Target Audience

Notable readers are comfortable with themselves. Notable readers cherish their family and friends. Notable readers are intelligent, educated, knowledgeable and wise from life experiences.

Notable readers are energetic, hardworking and compassionate. Notable readers are committed to expanding their mind and inner awareness.

Notable readers value their time and quality of life. Notable readers are "living the good life."

Notable readers lifestyles range from being financially secure to the ultra class- to the ultra-affluent. Notable readers are thorough and educated consumers committed to purchasing quality goods. They vacation at the best destinations to unwind and bond. They purchase products that are not only made of the best materials and ingredients, but are also functional rather than popular.

Notable readers demand the same quality and perfection in their goods and services that is required from them in their respective professions and life pursuits.

Notable readers demand the very best of everything.

For Notable readers "money is no object but value is."™


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